Fragment-Based Drug Discovery Services

Depending on the target, different approaches may be used for screening and hit identification. Our experts discuss the project with the client and together design the best hit identification strategy. Our expertise in structure-based drug discovery is applied to ensure the most optimal hit expansion, fragment-to-hit and hit-to-lead optimization process. The hit expansion and subsequent optimization program is run in close collaboration with our partner Red Glead Discovery.

Our FBDD platform provides full-range discovery services:

WAC™ screening technology

WAC™ (weak affinity chromatography) screening technology allows simultaneous identification of weak binders (mM-μM) in complex mixtures, as well as Kd calculation. Detection by LC-MS. For details please download a pdf

Other biophysical screening methods

Our screening platform also uses a range of biophysical screening methods, which include thermal-shift assay, isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC), NMR spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography

Fragment library

Proprietary library design for easy hit expansion. Please enquire for details.

Structural biology

Highly efficient structural biology platform and extensive experience in the use of structural data in hit expansion and lead optimization

Computational chemistry

Extensive experience in hit expansion, pharmacophore and shape-based virtual screening, scaffold hopping, QSAR analysis and optimization

Medicinal chemistry

Through our collaboration with Red Glead we offer expertise in lead optimization, biological characterization, medicinal chemistry and ADME